Not a Father’s Day dinner AKA a sous vide Tomahawk Steak

Start w the money shot, then the process.  2.48 lb Tomahawk Ribeye steak sous vide for 4 hours at 130 deg F, then finished on the grill + a searzall for extra side love.

So I saw these Tomahawk steaks at Costco a while back, but I didn’t think much about it at the time and ended up passing on them.  Well the following Saturday I went in to get one and there was none to be had.  Apparently they only do it occasionally.   But with Father’s this past Sunday it seemed like a perfect opportunity.

Don’t go to Costco on a Saturday morning first thing when they open thinking you’re going to beat the crowds.  So was everyone else…

Found one! 2.48 lbs is a big boy!

1/2 stick of butter for scale.  

2 3/4 inches thick!


Had to make an extra long vacuum bag.


Decided to go with rosemary and butter for the bath.


2 tablespoons of butter and a sprig on each side.  Then just tossed the extra sprig in for luck.


Suck it up buttercup.  


Ready for a leisurely 130 deg bath.


I like a 130 deg F steak.  it’s right at the edge of medium rare, but the long bath time gives the meat a gelatinous/loose/rare-ish consistency and the 130 deg F gives a perfect reddish pink throughout.

Had to breakout the Cambro food tub for the length of this bad boy.  Last time I used this I think was the 4 bone roast a couple of xmases ago.


Sat nicely at the bottom.


Timer set, now for…  couch time!


A little after 2 hours.


The butter is all melted and just infiltrating the steak.  Rosemary turning color is a good sign that we’ve gotten the good stuff from it. (I’m just making that up, I have no idea.)


Last bath pic.


Yum, looks not so appetizing. 


Even worse out of the bag.  Of course, we’re making rice in the background.


Cleaned up and dried, you can make out the rosemary pattern on the top how the vacuum bag stuck it on there.


Seasoned with Montreal Steak Seasoning, hey it’s easy and pretty good.


Product placement.


The sun was cooperating and gave me some great lighting!  I just wanted to finish the outside and give it a good sear.  So full blast on the grill 2 minutes a side.


Needed to make sure the 2 3/4 inch sides got some love.  So used the searzall to sear the edges while marking the top & bottom.


First flip showed amazing markings.


Sure, I said 2 minutes a side, but I rotate at 1 minute to try and get the nice crisscross.  Also lets me move it around to get the searzall to a better position.  Downside of a huge piece of meat is to get to the back side you have to hold your hand over the fire.  Why not move the meat?  Brilliant John.  Brilliant.


In all honesty, the fire got a bit hot and the backside had a bit more char than grill marks.  no pictures, so it didn’t happen.


Off the grill, looks like the rice is done and Kari’s thumbs up for scale.


Resting for 10 minutes.  Not the 5 normally recommended, but with this hunk of bronto I took some advice from the intertubes and let it rest for 10.


Sliced.  derp.


A little better on the presentation.  Worse on the lighting and shadows.


Are you ready for your closeup


Overall I think it went very good.  The squishy pink has that rare quality of loose flesh in your mouth.  Definitely needed some extra salt, so imagine some nice big flakes of kosher salt sprinkled over.  The butter I don’t think added much, but there was a nice savory-ness with a hint of rosemary so nice that it didn’t overpower anything.


10/10 would do again!  maybe without the huge bone.  I really just need a 1 rib roast…

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